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Carmel™ All Nature™ ~ Face, Neck and Chest Cream

  • Carmel Trouve™ All Nature™ Face, Neck and Chest Cream

Product Description

*** We'd like to thank you SO very much for your interest in our Carmel™ Creams! We are currently in hot pursuit to finish our packaging and the moment all is ready we will be shipping again! To thank you all for your patience, when all is ready we will be sending out an email notification that will herald a celebratory 20% Discount Code if you you have signed up to be notified via our Newsletter while ordering our Finger Gloves™. Thanks again with Big Time Mucho Love ~ Carmel and Savona

     Carmel began creating her line of Creams over five years ago while her beloved Mother Patricia was going through Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments.  Her Mom needed the least amount of additional chemicals introduced onto (and through absorption, into) her skin.  She also needed moisture that was free of synthetic fragrances that strongly contributed to additional nausea.  It was with this in mind (in heart) that Carmel began a journey to create the Finest and Purest All Natural Creams that would be of assistance to others. We feel that these creams can change how you view Natural Skin care... For they are as exceptional as Carmel's Mother Patricia. 

   Our Carmel™ Face, Neck and Chest Cream is a lovely 2 ounces of paramount quality.  As with all of our creams, a little goes a long way as they are made to be dense with the very best ingredients your skin will LOVE. We say this with every sincerity... Your face will forever be changed as this cream is truly, truly exceptional.

     *All of our Carmel™ Creams have the same exceptional ingredients, yet each has its own unique ratio of each ingredient so as to perfectly lend itself to the desired intention for that particular cream. The special focus in our Face, Neck and Chest Cream is our exceptional Avocado Oil. This is not like any other Avocado oil we have found (and we have tested many) ~ and this Cream will balance out the naturally occuring oils in your skin and actually help to align your skin back to its own, natural state of beauty.

     From the finest and purest natural ingredients available:

  • Vegetable Glycerin: Kosher and USP (The finest pharmaceutical grade). A natural humectant derived from vegetables that actually draws moisture from the air on to your skin!
  • Shea Butter: USDA Organic, Pure-Form, First Virgin Cold-Pressing, Solvent-Free extraction (really important) and Fair-Trade.
  • Avocado and Safflower Oils: USDA Organic, Pure-Form, First Virgin Cold-Pressing. In their FULL and Purest forms retaining all of their naturally beneficial properties.

     *Please keep cool as there is no 'wax' in our creams, it's important that they be kept free of direct sunlight and heat. If natural melting should occur, simply stir and place in refrigerator until the cream sets. Keeping wax (emulsifying wax) out of our creams allows the true moisture to get to the deep layers of your skin where it can be of the greatest benefit.

     *For optimal moisture, simply coat your skin with a layer of water and then apply the cream to the freshly moistened area. This gives the skin notice that it's time to start accepting the moisture that's coming. It makes all the difference with our creams in particular as the water applied to your skin activates the natural humectant (moisture grabbing) properties of our USP grade and Kosher Vegetable Glycerine.

     We also think you will Love our Carmel™ Unwavering™ Cream for a deep, intentional healing. And as always, there is a complete Satisfaction Guarantee that is time-limit free!  We are sincerely fortunate to count you as our customer and we thank you.

With our Love,

Carmel and Savona

Warranty Information

Your 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed...

Your complete satisfaction is our highest priority. Should you experience even the slightest dissatisfaction, simply return your order and we will promptly refund the full purchase price including all non-expedited Shipping charges! And as always we are so very grateful to have had your consideration.

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Product Reviews

  1. Absolutely fantastic! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Jun 2012

    I cannot say enough about how wonderful the Face Cream is. I have purchased several containers and have given them to my closest friends and everyone has loved the cream. Personally I have problem skin that tends to break out . . . not with this cream. I am an aesthetician and teach teens about acne and skin care. I can enthusiastically recommend this cream to everyone. The ingredients mimic the sebum (oil) in our own skin; if your skin is oily the cream seems to regulate the oil produced and if your skin is dry the cream provides a rich emollient that makes your skin feel wonderful and look healthy and fantastic. Thank you so much for the great ingredients, thought, and love you put into each container.

  2. Hands and Face protection 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Apr 2012

    I was skeptical as I have spent so much money on creams. These two products from Finger Gloves however, are reasonable and very effective. I am 70, but still active and working. My skin was dry, showing those dreaded wrinkles at their worst. I use the (Authentic™ All Natural Healing™) Face and Hand creams at night and they definitely soften and smooth the skin.

    The Finger Gloves have helped me keep my job as a cashier. With the dryness, my finger tips cracked and bled with constant use at the register's change machine. The Finger Gloves have been a Godsend, are extremely durable and go straight into the washing machine along with the uniform. Thank you.

  3. All Natural Healing Face Cream and All Natural Intentional Healing Cream - Heaven in a Jar 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Mar 2012

    Just wanted to let you know that I am very excited about your natural Healing creams. I love the consistency and they way the cream melts like butter in your hand. The Face cream feels wonderful on my face and the Healing cream is such a luxury to put on my hands and my rough elbows (they aren't rough anymore!). A little goes a long way. And thank you for using organic, natural ingredients and essential oils as I have sensitive skin and allergies to fragrances. Your creams feel and smell wonderful. My face is glowing and my skin is soft.

    I also bought Finger Gloves and I use the Intentional Healing Cream in combination - WOW - what a difference! This is the first winter in years that I've been able to walk around without wearing a bunch of bandaids on my fingers.

    These creams will make great gifts. I'm already thinking ahead for Christmas - I know they will love and appreciate it.

    Thank you for making a skin product that I feel safe using (VERY important to me), a product that I love, and a product that my skin adores.

  4. Carmel's All Natural Healing Face Cream 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Feb 2012

    I just received my second order of Carmel's All Natural Healing Face Cream. It is such a great cream and it leaves my skin feeling so soft! I am approaching the Big 60 and that, in combination with the dry weather in Colorado, made my skin very dry. I would get cracks at the corners of my mouth because of the dryness. With Carmel's cream, I have not had that problem at all this winter. It did take me 2-3 weeks to really start seeing the benefits as my other creams just seemed to clog the pores of my skin. But once I got through that time, my skin just loves it! I would highly recommend it and urge you to try it.

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