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Carmel™ All Nature ~ Unwavering™ Cream

  • Carmel Trouve™ All Nature™ Cream by Savona Carmel

Product Description

*** We'd like to thank you SO very much for your interest in our Carmel™ All Nature™ Creams! We are currently in hot pursuit to finish our Creams packaging and the moment all is ready we will be shipping again! To thank you all for your patience, when all is ready we will be sending out an email notification that will herald a celebratory 20% Discount Code if you you have signed up to be notified via our Newsletter while ordering our Finger Gloves™. Thanks again and with Big Time Mucho Love, Carmel and Savona

     Carmel began creating her All Nature™ line of Creams while her beloved Mother Patricia was going through Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments.  With all of the chemicals taxing her body during this process, her Mother not only needed the least amount of additional chemicals introduced onto and into her skin... but she needed to be physically enveloped by creams that Nurtured and BENEFITED her body. This is when Carmel began a journey to create the Finest - Purest - ALL Natural Creams that were as exceptional as ~ and worthy of ~ her Mother.

     Carmel™ All Nature ~ Unwavering™ Cream is a dense 2 ounces of paramount quality.  All of our All Carmel™ Creams have the same exceptional ingredients, yet each Cream has its own unique ratio of each ingredient so as to perfectly lend itself to the desired intention for that particular cream.

     The special focus in our Carmel Trouve™ All Nature™ Cream is our rich and deeply healing Shea Butter. This is the perfect companion with your Finger Gloves™ to heal those dry, cracked fingertips and cuticles plus for any area in need of deep healing. Simply apply your All Nature™ Cream, pull on a Finger Glove™ and let the healing begin!

     From the finest, purest and most natural ingredients available:

  • Vegetable Glycerin: Kosher and USP (The finest pharmaceutical grade). A natural humectant derived from vegetables that actually draws moisture from the air on to your skin!
  • Shea Butter: USDA Organic, Pure-Form, First Virgin Cold-Pressing, Solvent-Free extraction (really important) and Fair-Trade.
  • Avocado and Safflower Oils: USDA Organic, Pure-Form, First Virgin Cold-Pressing. In their FULL and Purest forms retaining all of their naturally beneficial properties.
  • Natural Vitamin E: USDA Organic, Highest All Natural Grade that is Natural and Synthetic-Free.

     *Please keep cool as our creams are Wax Free, so it's important that they be kept clear of direct sunlight and heat. If natural liquifying from the heat should occur, simply stir and place in refrigerator until the cream sets. Keeping wax (emulsifying wax) out of our creams allows the true moisture to get to the deep layers of your skin where it can be of the greatest benefit.

     *For optimal moisture, simply coat your skin with a layer of water and then apply the cream to the freshly moistened area. This gives the skin notice that it's time to start accepting the moisture that's coming. It makes all the difference with our Healing™ creams in particular as the water applied to your skin activates the natural humectant (moisture grabbing) properties of our USP grade and Kosher Vegetable Glycerine.

     We also think you will be in Love with our Carmel™ All Nature™ ~ Face, Neck and Chest Cream. This is a truly, truly exceptional cream. And as always, there is a complete Satisfaction Guarantee that's Time-Limit Free!

With our Love,

Carmel and Savona

Warranty Information

Your 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed...

Your complete satisfaction is our highest priority. Should you experience even the slightest dissatisfaction, simply return your order and we will promptly refund the full purchase price including all non-expedited Shipping charges! And as always we are so very grateful to have had your consideration.

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  1. Pretty Amazing Healing Cream 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Mar 2012

    This Healing cream actually heals my dry, cracked fingertips. I work in an office and handle a lot of paper, which drys my hands terribly. After a while I get open cracks on my fingers that are very painful. This Natural Intentional Healing Cream actually works to heal those splits and cracks like nothing else I've ever tried. Best of all, only a small amount is needed, so it is economical to use. Thank you so much for designing a product that really does what it's supposed to do!

  2. Best Cream Ever!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Nov 2011

    Most creams I recently tried have been very watery and don't seem to moisturize my skin at all. This wonderful new cream sinks into my skin immediately and leaves it feeling very soft and smooth...not greasy at all. The scent is so light and refreshing. The cream is very gentle without any irritants so I can apply it morning, noon, and night!!! I have been undergoing chemo and radiation for cancer, and these chemicals have left my sign extremely dry and irritated. My skin was so scaly and rough, and every cream I tried failed to eliminate the dryness. But as soon as I tried this amazing cream, the dry skin disappeared and the cracks in the heels of my feet healed within days. This cream has been like a small miracle for me...I use it all over my body and the results are fantastic. Nothing else compares to it...if this cream can heal my overly dry and cracked skin caused by all the chemicals I've had to have injected into my body, think what it can do for people who suffer from everyday dry and irritated skin. This is the only cream I ever want to use from now on!!! Thank you SO MUCH Carmel for creating such an innovative and "authentic" product that everyone can enjoy!!

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